Sales Contract/Health Guarantee


LOVEBUG CHIHUAHUAS certifies that this puppy has been examined by a licensed Veterinarian and is in good health at time of release to BUYER or shipment. A Health Certificate and/or Vet Statement and a vaccination record showing what vaccines and de-worming were administered and on what dates will be given to the BUYER. Any puppy will have received proper vaccinations and de-worming for its age.  LOVEBUG CHIHUAHUAS guarantee does not cover COCCIDIOSIS, GIARDIA, HYPOGLYCEMIA, or HEPATITIS.

LOVEBUG CHIHUAHUAS is not responsible for the associated charges of veterinarian fees due to mental stress or low blood sugar   Loose stools or COCCIDIOSIS can be caused by stress and can develop within hours into transport and has nothing to do with bad or good breeding. We highly recommend that a stool sample be analyzed within 72 hours of the puppy arriving to his new home. This is to assure that the puppy has no internal intestinal parasites. LOVEBUG CHIHUAHUAS has administered only the basic de-worming product recommended by our veterinarian and cannot be held accountable for a problem arising after the puppy is delivered to the BUYER.  If a parasite problem should arise the BUYER takes full responsibility to care for the puppy and will not hold  LOVEBUG CHIHUAHUAS accountable in any way.  It is the responsibility of the BUYER to assure that proper care is given should HYPOGLYCEMIA (low blood sugar) symptoms occur. Low blood sugar can be attributed to the puppy not eating enough or the stress of transport.  LOVEBUG CHIHUAHUAS will not be held accountable at any time a veterinarian service is required to care for the sick puppy.  LOVEBUG CHIHUAHUAS will not be held accountable for adverse reactions that may occur because of vaccinations administered by the BUYER’S veterinarian

LOVEBUG CHIHUAHUAS does not guarantee against ALLERGIES that the BUYER or his family members may develop to the puppy or adult dog.
LOVEBUG CHIHUAHUAS guarantee does not cover injuries caused by a fall or if the puppy has been physically harmed in any way while in Buyer’s care.  We therefore recommend to never leave the puppy or adult dog alone and/or without proper supervision on the sofa, chair, table, bed, or any high surface.  Take extra precaution when closing doors, especially patio doors, with such a tiny breed.
LOVEBUG CHIHUAHUAS guarantee does not cover the following minor flaws or any condition that is minor or those that can be corrected by veterinarian intervention:  MOLERA; also know as “Open Fontanel” (a soft spot on top of the head).  This spot is a unique feature of the Chihuahua breed and not a genetic defect. It may or may not grow completely closed. TRACHEA; Small breeds do sometimes develop a peculiar cough or “backward” sneeze. This is due to the partial collapse of tracheal rings. It can be annoying to the owner of the dog, but is not harmful to the dog.  TESTICLES; In some small breeds it is not uncommon for both the testicles to not descend at the same time.  HERNIAS;  In some dogs there are hernias involving the muscles that surround the abdomen and they are commonly found at two locations: the first site would be in the groin area on the inner surface of the rear leg, an INGUINAL hernia. Though not as common, they are caused by the inguinal rings not closing at birth.  The second site would be the ‘belly button’ where the umbilical cord had connected the puppy to his mother.  A hernia at this location is called an UMBILICAL hernia.  Both of these types of hernia are “fixable” and not life threatening.  LUXATING PATELLA; Every effort has been made to prevent this problem using only dams and sires that are free from luxation (slipping knee caps), thus preventing passing on the problem genetically.  However, sometimes this problem can be caused by TRAUMA to the knees if the puppy does too much jumping from excitement (up and down) or from furniture or beds, for example.  In the event that the puppy later develops this condition LOVEBUG CHIHUAHUAS will not be held accountable and the BUYER takes full responsibility to have the puppy treated at BUYER’S own expense. SIZE; We can give estimated guesses, but cannot guarantee adult size.  We cannot second-guess genetics.  Some Chihuahua puppies just stop growing and others get larger than expected.  BITE;  We cannot guarantee the bite will not “go off” at a later time, such as mid-adult, or full-growth. We will state, at the time of sale, or when asked, whether the bite is scissors, even, or off, one way or the other. It is not uncommon for a puppies’ bite to change, back and forth, with growth. The bite has nothing to do with overall health.  COLOR; We cannot guarantee color to stay the same in an adult dog as in a puppy. As the puppy grows, some coloration shows up more, some less.  Sometimes there may be fading or deepening of color and this is beyond the control of the breeder.  TEMPERAMENT; We cannot guarantee temperament as it depends heavily on environment as well as genetics.  Some puppies will remain mild mannered, some will develop “attitude.”  SHOW PROSPECT; A show prospect does not guarantee it will WIN in the Show Ring.  There are a lot of variables that are important that are not in our control when a puppy is shown.  BREEDER; We cannot guarantee that any puppy will be a breeder.  Again there are many variables; size of adult, structure of pelvis, number of ovum, etc.  In the male; low production of sperm, non-interest to breed, etc.
IN ORDER TO QUALIFY FOR THIS GUARANTEE, you must have your puppy or adult dog examined by a licensed veterinarian of your choice within 72 hours of the date of release or purchase (to start at time of pick up).  Failure to have your puppy/adult examined within this time frame will render this contract null and void.  No refund or replacement will be made.
Additional Information; Should the puppy be diagnosed within 1 year of placement with any congenital/hereditary disorder which is considered by two (2) unassociated veterinarians (one being our vet, if at all possible), to seriously impact the quality of life, short of euthanasia, or require continuous medical treatment throughout the course of the puppy’s life, LOVEBUG CHIHUAHUAS will provide the BUYER with these options:
A. BUYER can choose to keep the puppy and accept a partial refund. After proof of spay or neuter and the return of AKC papers is received, a 50% refund of purchase price will be given.
B.  BUYER can choose to give up ownership of the puppy to me.  If euthanization is necessary or recommended, a verification from the veterinarian must be received by the breeder before the procedure is done.  The AKC paperwork must be signed back over to LOVEBUG CHIHUAHUAS .  I will replace the puppy within 12 - 24 months with a like animal (same quality) if the BUYER accepts this condition.  Any shipping required is the responsibility of the BUYER.
REGISTRATION; Full AKC Registration, registration-rights litter paperwork, or a copy of the litter application will be supplied and will go with the puppy unless otherwise stated on a PET ONLY contract (LIMITED REGISTRATION OR NO REGISTRATION).  We GUARANTEE paperwork will be sent within 90 days of pick up or release.
This Chihuahua puppy is sold with the understanding that the puppy will live INDOORS, be socialized properly, and become a member of the family.  Should the BUYER, for any reason, decide he/she can no longer properly care for this puppy  and cannot find a good, kind and loving home for same, it is agreed that this Chihuahua WILL NOT be placed in an animal shelter of any kind but returned to LOVEBUG CHIHUAHUAS at no cost to me along with all registration paperwork and veterinarian records pertaining to said dog.
After BUYER has read and understands and accepts all aspects of this guarantee agreement, the BUYER agrees to all stipulations and terms and signifies so by signing below.  





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