Report Date: 08/25/2012

Research Pedigree - 5 Generation
Lineals Eclair Au Chocolat - L

Name:Lineals Eclair Au Chocolat - L
AKC #:TS043952/03 08-12 Breed/Variety:Chihuahua
Birth Date:05/14/2011 Sex:Female
Colors/Markings:Chocolate & Tan White Markings
Breeder(s):Robin D Lineal

Lineals Eclair Au Chocolat - L
TS043952/03 08-12
Chocolate & Tan White Markings
Pofahls Rollin On A River-L
TR944679/01 06-11
Chocolate & Tan Merle Markings
CH Sunset's Making Waves Lcm
TR594621/03 05-08
Black & Tan Merle Markings
AKC DNA #V542967
H&H's Merle Haggard At Sunset
TR275390/05 04-06
Fawn & White White Markings
AKC DNA #V378396
Classic Razzle-Dazzle Merle
TR030705/02 11-03
Blue Merle White Markings
AKC DNA #V266556
The Haggstroms-Mafasa
TN691059/01 01-00
Blue & Tan White Markings
AKC DNA #V179847
Maxims Mindy Mojo
TN565469/03 06-00
Chocolate & White
H & H Sassafras
TP305333/02 02-04
Black & Tan White Markings
CH Alorna's I Get No Respect
TN719100/01 09-99
Black & Tan White Markings
AKC DNA #V223114
La Casa's Chalupa
TP088462/01 04-02
Red White Markings
Sunset's Da-Niece Not Da-Nephew
TR363007/05 04-07
Black White Markings
CH Regnier's Onth' Edge Of Sunset
TN398005/01 12-97
Black & Tan White Markings
AKC DNA #V100308
CH Onlyone Ouachitah Storm Cloud
TM713052/02 06-93
Black & White Tan Markings
AKC DNA #V103376
Regnier And Pittore's Clivia
TM983501/03 09-95
Fawn Cream Markings
Sunset's Been On My Mind
TR065578/02 07-05
Black & Tan Black Brindling
CH Sunset's Tiger Woods
TN661800/02 12-99
Fawn Black Brindling
AKC DNA #V100309
Sunset's All That Jazz
TP036713/01 02-03
Black & Tan White Markings
Pofahls Easter Bunny-L
TR728420/04 01-09
Schroeder's Maxxed-Out
TR426121/01 10-07
Black & Tan Spotted On White
CH Davishall Maximillion
TN577263/05 01-03
Black & Tan Spotted On White
AKC DNA #V258845
CH Stonehill Go Round
TN369246/03 09-97
Black & Tan Spotted On White
AKC DNA #V121809
Davishall Just About Snowtime
TN354014/04 01-97
Black Spotted On White
Schroeder's Kewpie Doodle
TR184416/03 08-05
Fawn Spotted On White
Cherished Prince De Dav'
TP078724/02 03-03
Fawn Black Sabling
AKC DNA #V276835
Schroeder's Kosmic Kewpie
TR056906/05 03-04
Fawn Spotted On White
Davishall Katsina Magic
TR486537/02 05-08
Cream Spotted On White
Davishall Altar Boy
TR237090/01 02-06
AKC DNA #V498666
Davishall Donald Duck
TP131586/02 12-02
AKC DNA #V248230
Davishall Jamaica Deal
TP060348/02 11-03
AKC DNA #V487066
Davishall Antigone
TN994735/05 02-06
Sho-Me's The Way To Davishall
TN046738/01 09-95
AKC DNA #V121810
CH Davishall Diana
TN665434/02 10-99
Cream White Markings
Susy's Ella Bella Blue L
TR788946/04 07-11
Blue Fawn Spotted On White
Debdan's Blues Clues
TR338707/02 07-06
Blue & Tan Spotted On White
AKC DNA #V410560
McIntosh's O'Gosh Debdans
TP282266/01 09-03
Cream White Markings
AKC DNA #V296260
CH McIntosh's Royal Streak
TP015229/07 01-02
White Fawn Markings
AKC DNA #V214136
Pratt's Jo-Jo Dancer
TN132512/03 09-95
Fawn Black Mask
AKC DNA #V71936
McIntosh's Susie Q LRM RRM
TN472818/01 03-99
Fawn Black Mask
McIntosh's Lisa Jo LRM
TN799935/01 10-00
Black White Markings
CH McIntosh's Mystic Randy LRM
TN554636/04 11-98
Black & Tan
AKC DNA #V71942
Hack's Pack Smidgen 'O Dusty
TM946459/01 03-98
Fawn Sable
Debdans Lil Choco Milky
TP029419/01 05-02
Chocolate & Tan
CH J C Milky-Way
TM588628/01 03-92
Chocolate Tan Markings
CH J C Big Spender
TD241633 10-90
Black & Tan
CH JC H And J's Tiger Lily
TD000865 12-90
Fawn & White
Debdans Lil Hannah
TN861448/05 08-00
Hurd's Council Chief
TN240731/03 05-96
Fawn Spotted On White
AKC DNA #V81237
Debdans Happy Hannah
TN426874/01 05-98
Susy's Estrella Azul
TR462425/04 04-07
Blue Fawn Spotted On White
Debdans Powder Snowflake
TR330911/02 04-06
Black Sabled Fawn Spotted On White
Hi-C Blue Bayou
TP077041/01 09-02
Blue & Tan Spotted On White
AKC DNA #V390608
CH Sha-Ring Kiowa's Echo Of Emma-S
TN474119/01 05-99
Fawn Spotted On White
AKC DNA #V99597
Hi-C Cinnamon Frosted Twist
TN518882/01 12-00
Red White Markings
Wildcat's Windy Deboans
TR182346/02 04-05
Fawn & White Black Mask
Mar Rina Bar-Scurto's Romeo
TN520542/03 06-98
Red Black Mask, White Markings
AKC DNA #V204048
Star's September Song Aztec
TN796230/01 05-00
Fawn & White Black Sabling
Susy's Fluffy Of Collin-Dell
TR270742/05 10-05
Blue Fawn White Markings
R-N-W's Dusty Trails
TN958955/01 03-01
Chocolate Blue Blue Mask
Acada's Scruffy
TN783408/04 03-00
Chocolate & Tan White Markings
Suny Brindl Fina Reka Bee
TN539090/02 03-00
Fawn Brindled Black
Collin-Dells Crystalndiamond
TP152737/02 06-02
Black White Markings
Collin-Dells Cupid
TN358403/01 08-97
Chocolate Spotted On White
AKC DNA #V121534
Dragon Hill's Crystal Blue
TN636873/04 09-99
Blue Brindled Fawn

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